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One of a kind online preparation course

A one-stop expertly designed preparation course which includes everything you will need to
maximise your performance at each stage of your job journey and succeed at securing your position.

Whats Included
One Payment 3 Courses

Course 1

CV preparation

Create the best CV you have ever sent out with our course. Our course uses a practical, step by step and proven approach to guide you in writing a standout CV. We have helped tens of thousands of people to prepare and succeed. And the best part is you get two more courses as well. Read on to find out more

Course 2

Psychometric test preparation

Be fully prepared for psychometric tests. We have over 30 years of experience in preparing people for psychometric tests and our course includes the best practice tests on the market. Prepare for Verbal, Numerical, Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, SHL tests, and much more.

Only £40 for 3 courses!

Course 3

Interview preparation

Ace your interview with our course! Competency Based Interviews are also known as ‘Structured Interviews’ or ‘Behavioural Interviews’. This interview style is one of the most widely used types of interview. Our 3 in 1 preparation course provides a unique step by step approach to help you to effectively prepare for competency-based interviews. Read on to find out more

Jobjourney Reviews

5 rating out of 21 reviews

  • Tony Collins

    “Found the course very interesting and a great help in preparing for my interview” 

  • Gavin Short

    “Very good course. Really worth doing”

  • David Zagrabski

    “Vast amount of useful knowledge. Well worth the money”

  • Amanda Fullam

    “Excellent course and very informative. I have much more confidence heading into the interview. I would highly recommend”

  • Sean Meaney

    “The course allowed me to approach the aptitude tests and interview with huge confidence allowing me to do well in them. This therefore unlocked a new stage of my life. Once again thanks for the great help”

  • Megan Banahan

    “I learned so much from the clear explanation given in the course and I felt much more confident about my aptitude tests and interview. I used the knowledge I gained in the course for each assessment stage and thankfully I was successful”

  • Adam Loughlin

    “Before I did the course, I was unsure about the aptitude test, I found the course very helpful easy to understand and would one hundred percent recommend the course to anybody”

  • Sarah Eiffe

    “I would just like to let you know that I was successful and have gotten through to the interview stage. I would just like to thank you all for your help and letting you know that the course material was excellent. I wouldn’t have gotten through it only for the course. I will highly recommend your course to others in the near future”

  • Greg Devine

    “Honestly, I can say, that I probably would NOT have been successful in my aptitude tests without the help of the course, and would highly recommend to anyone who’s going for an aptitude test”

  • Stephen Hand

    “The course got me safely through the aptitude test. The time spent on the interview preparation during the course will, I’m sure, get me through the interview safely and with the best results again”

  • Jean

    “This course has prepared me for the upcoming test. I would be lost without it. Seriously!”

  • Barbara Fortune

    “Very good! Loads of information, very helpful and easy to follow with lots of tips to help with preparation”

  • Emma

    “Helped me a lot to pass the online tests. Didn’t know anything about the test before the course so I would recommend it to anyone. Practical preparation is offered which is hard to come by”

  • Philomena Hynes

    “Worth doing, gives an insight into what is expected and helps with what to study in relation to entrance exams”

  • Aisling Wilson

    I thought this course was very interesting and I learned a lot from doing it. I felt the maths was the most difficult, but the exercise questions and answers were a great help. I would recommend this course to my family and friends”

  • Faryal Bagum

    “Booking the course was probably the best decision I made prior to attempting the exam and without a doubt it helped me pass all three exams. I would not have any idea about the exam layout, questions or timings”

  • Eric O’Herlihy

    The best money I ever spent thanks again

  • Imelda Reynolds

    I will be highly recommending your prep course to everyone I can, never stop doing what you are doing, you are helping change lives and make dreams come true! Your professionalism and genuine support is just unbelievable. Thank you all so much!

  • Patrick Ryan

    The interview course gave me great confidence going into my own interview. Thank You, best money I’ve ever spent!

  • Holly Buckley

    After all these years my dream finally came true. If I had not of taken that preparation course this would not have been possible for me. It’s not just a course, it’s an enabler to dreams coming true and for that I thank you.

  • Frank Kelly

    I found  your services extremely helpful, I can’t recommend them enough, I recommend them to everyone who wants to excel in whatever job they are pursuing. Top quality preparation.

What makes this course so special?

Unlike other providers out there we haven’t created endless individual prep packs which have to be purchased separately and which take hours of trawling through webpages to weigh up. We don’t just focus on one part of your job journey; we recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. It involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview.

With our course you get it all in one course. A one stop expertly designed preparation course which includes everything you will need to maximise your performance at each stage of your job journey and succeed at securing your position. Get instant and unlimited access for 3 months.  

Ready to start your
journey to success?

We have helped tens of thousands of individuals successfully prepare for their psychometric tests and interviews since 1987 and now it’s your turn to succeed.

Our experience and online capabilities mean we can offer an exceptional online preparation course for a very affordable price. We want to make sure you come away not only confident and fully prepared but with money in your pocket. Our course is by far the best value on the market!

Online Course

One of a kind
preparation course

3 months unlimited access for only
£ 40.00

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