Competency Based Interview

Competency Based Interviews are also known as ‘Structured Interviews’ or ‘Behavioural Interviews’. This interview style is one of the most widely used types of interview. Competency based interviews are made up of several targeted questions that require interviewees to describe specific tasks or situations. Typically, you will be assessed against a few different competencies or skill areas.  Prior to the interview, you will need to prepare examples from your own experience that provides evidence that you possess each of the competency/skill areas. Then on the day, you will be asked for examples and questioned on them.

Prior to advertising a job, an employer will think carefully to identify the key skill areas that are required by the new employee to carry out his or her duties. Once the employer has decided on the skill areas or competencies, they will use an interview board to examine the candidate to find out if he or she has those skills.

Competency Based Interviews work on the belief that the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour. The logic is that if a candidate has behaved in a certain way in the past or has shown themselves to be competent in a particular skill area, then they are likely to display similar attributes in the future.

 So, if you can provide the interview board with good examples of the competencies from your previous experience, then it is likely that you will be able to perform these competencies in the future in the role that you are applying for.

A competency is not a single skill but rather a group of related skills in a certain area. Typically, you will be assessed against 4-6 different competencies.

Preparing for these interviews is very important in order to give yourself the best chance at being chosen for the job. There are methods and approaches you can take to plan and prepare for these types of interviews to ensure you secure your position. No matter what kind of interview you are facing into preparation is a must.

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