Our Interview preparation includes
  • Identifying the competencies required for the role

  • Generating ideas for scenarios/stories

  • Attention to keywords

  • Behavioural indicators resulting in high ratings

  • Creating an interview plan

Interview preparation

What are Competency-Based Interviews

Competency based interviews are made up of several targeted questions that require interviewees to describe specific tasks or situations. Typically, you will be assessed against a few different competencies or skill areas. Prior to the interview, you will need to prepare examples from your own experience that provides evidence that you possess each of the competency/skill areas. Then on the day, you will be asked for examples and questioned on them.
Prior to advertising a job, an employer will think carefully to identify the key skill areas that are required by the new employee to carry out his or her duties. Once the employer has decided on the skill areas or competencies, they will use an interview board to examine the candidate to find out if he or she has those skills.

Competency Based Interviews work on the belief that the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour. The logic is that if a candidate has behaved in a certain way in the past or has shown themselves to be competent in a particular skill area, then they are likely to display similar attributes in the future.

Preparing for Competency Based Interviews

We have combined our vast experience and expertise in interview preparation to create a unique step by step approach to help you to effectively prepare for competency-based interviews.

Most people are aware that preparation for interviews is important, however many people do not know how to effectively prepare. We know it’s not easy to prepare well. It will time and effort but by following our structured preparation plan you will see massive improvements in your performance. Our comprehensive interview preparation course teaches you how to truly prepare effectively for interviews. Unlike other interview preparation out there we do not believe in broad and generic guidance and advice around interviews.

Our course is designed by experts in interview preparation and gives specific and practical tuition and approaches that can be used for any competency-based interview. You will learn how to use specific stories from your own experiences that demonstrate to the employer that you have the skills being sought. Our interview course builds confidence and teaches you a step by step approach which goes well beyond the basics. Follow our interview preparation steps and you will have everything you need to be successful.

And the best part? Interview preparation is not then only thing you get with our course! We recognise that the recruitment process and applying for jobs involves more than just one element, it often includes a number of stages from your CV, to psychometric testing and finally the interview. That is why we have used our 30+ years of experience to create a course like no other, one that caters to your entire job journey!

Our course includes not only interview preparation but also two further courses for CV and psychometric test preparation. Psychometric tests are widely used by employers to screen candidates and to decide who moves on to interview. With our course you are ready to prepare regardless of what stage of the process you are at.

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Why choose our course?

Our 30+ years of industry experience has thought us what’s important for preparing for the different stages of job recruitment. We have helped thousands of individuals successfully prepare for their psychometric tests and interviews since 1987. Our expertise and online capabilities mean we can provide you with the best practice material and learning experience at the best price.


The experience and full-time professional capacity of our course tutors in psychometric examinations is second to none. Their combined qualifications consist of M.A, M.Ed., M.Sc. in B.I.S., B.A, B.Sc., B.Eng, D.C.G. (Dip in Career Guidance), H.D.E., P.G.C.E., and A.D.E.M. and members of The British Psychological Society and European Federation of Psychologists’ Association.

What makes this course so special?

Unlike other providers out there we haven’t created endless individual prep packs which have to be purchased separately and which take hours of trawling through webpages to weigh up. We don’t just focus on one part of your job journey; we recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. It involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview.

With our course you get it all in one course. A one stop expertly designed preparation course which includes everything you will need to maximise your performance at each stage of your job journey and succeed at securing your position. Get instant and unlimited access for 3 months.  

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We have helped tens of thousands of individuals successfully prepare for their psychometric tests and interviews since 1987 and now it’s your turn to succeed.

Our experience and online capabilities mean we can offer an exceptional online preparation course for a very affordable price. We want to make sure you come away not only confident and fully prepared but with money in your pocket. Our course is by far the best value on the market!

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