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Psychometric test preparation

What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric test is also known as an aptitude test. A psychometric test is an assessment used in order to evaluate a candidate’s performance. They are used to assess a candidate’s cognitive abilities which include, but are not limited to measuring skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. These are measured along with the suitability for a position they have applied for.

Psychometric testing is a powerful tool for hiring and they are used widely by employers in order to screen candidates and find the right person for a position. Your performance in these kinds of tests then is very important in order to secure your desired position. It is often not enough to simply meet the minimum standard in psychometric tests as many candidates are taken forward to the next stage in order of merit based on their performance in the psychometric tests. Therefore, you need to ensure you are getting the best scores you can.

Preparing for
Psychometric Tests

When you apply for a job and come across these kinds of psychometric tests you are in competition with other applicants to get to the next stage. Your performance in these tests is thus ESSENTIAL in ensuring you are successful. Preparation is about maximising your performance for psychometric tests. It is about ensuring that you are not overlooked due to a poor performance which has resulted from a lack of familiarity and understanding.

Our course has been expertly designed to give you the best practice tests and preparation for these kinds of psychometric tests and to ensure that you perform at your best when it counts. We have over 30 years of assessment industry experience and have helped tens of thousands of people to successfully prepare for their psychometric tests. We have combined our experience and expertise to create the best psychometric practice tests.

With our course you get all the test styles you need: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Job Simulation, Personality Questionnaire and more!

Types of psychometric tests

There are various types of aptitude tests that you can come across as part of a recruitment process or job selection process. Some of the most common types include the following:

Numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests are aimed at measuring a candidate’s’ ability to analyse and comprehend numerical data and perform calculations where appropriate. These are one of the most common types of aptitude test used by employers in their selection process and are often considered one of the more difficult kinds of aptitude tests. Candidates undertaking numerical reasoning tests can be expected to analyse and study information containing numerical data such as tables, charts and graphs and will often be required to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages and ratios.


Verbal reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning tests are a means of assessing your verbal logic by measuring your ability to understand and comprehend written passages. Verbal reasoning tests usually take the form of a written passage followed by a statement which you must decide is True, False or Cannot Say based on the information in the passage. These a e very common in recruitment for a large range of careers and positions.


Inductive reasoning tests

Inductive reasoning tests measure a candidates logical thinking and identify how well a candidate can see the underlying logic in a series of patterns.

Mechanical reasoning tests

Mechanical reasoning tests measure a candidate’s ability to assess your ability to apply specific mechanical or engineering principles to problems in order to identify the correct answer.


Abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests are widely used within selection processes. measures your ability to reason logically. Generally, abstract reasoning tests measure non-verbal abilities. Another name for inductive reasoning tests.


Spatial awareness tests.

Measure a candidate’s understanding and memory of spatial relations among objects. In a spatial ability test (also called spatial reasoning test) candidates are required to mentally manipulate 2- dimensional and 3-dimensional images. Spatial ability tests are often used as part of the recruitment process for engineers, architects, chemists, mechanics etc.


Error checking tests.

An aptitude test that focuses on your ability to identify errors in data sets.

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Why choose our course?

Our 30+ years of industry experience has thought us what’s important for preparing for the different stages of job recruitment. We have helped thousands of individuals successfully prepare for their psychometric tests and interviews since 1987. Our expertise and online capabilities mean we can provide you with the best practice material and learning experience at the best price.


The experience and full-time professional capacity of our course tutors in psychometric examinations is second to none. Their combined qualifications consist of M.A, M.Ed., M.Sc. in B.I.S., B.A, B.Sc., B.Eng, D.C.G. (Dip in Career Guidance), H.D.E., P.G.C.E., and A.D.E.M. and members of The British Psychological Society and European Federation of Psychologists’ Association.

What makes this course so special?

Unlike other providers out there we haven’t created endless individual prep packs which have to be purchased separately and which take hours of trawling through webpages to weigh up. We don’t just focus on one part of your job journey; we recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. It involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview.

With our course you get it all in one course. A one stop expertly designed preparation course which includes everything you will need to maximise your performance at each stage of your job journey and succeed at securing your position. Get instant and unlimited access for 3 months.  

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We have helped tens of thousands of individuals successfully prepare for their psychometric tests and interviews since 1987 and now it’s your turn to succeed.

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