CV Writing

CV writing is a very important process. Your CV will often be the first direct communication you have with a potential employer. Your CV therefore must effectively present your skills and suitability for the role. You may not realise it once you have started filling out your CV you have really started your interview.

When you apply for a job you are competing with other applicants for the position. Your CV as well as your performance in the rest of the recruitment process will determine your success.  

We have combined our over 30 years of experience to create a one of a kind course aimed at helping you to write a winning CV. Our teaching styles are tried and tested, and we have a proven track record of success.

And the best part about our course is that CV preparation is not the only thing you get. We recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. Your job journey involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview. That’s why we have created a unique course which includes all of these elements so that you can be prepared no matter what stage of the job application process you are at.

Our course includes:

CV Preparation

• C.V. writing tips
• Personal statement
• What to avoid
• Sample C.V. Templates

Assessment Preparation

• All the test styles you need: SHL tests, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Job Simulation, Personality Questionnaires and more
• Video tutorials & Lessons
• Full practice tests (timed and un-timed)
• Fully worked solutions and feedback
• Interactive and engaging practice tests
• Hours of practice
• 1000’s of questions

Interview Preparation

• Competency based interviews
• Identifying Competencies
• Preparing examples
• Competency based interview questions
• Interview plan

With our course you get three courses in one for an incredible £40.00!

Try our Free Trial to see what you get!

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