Free Psychometric Test

Try our free trial to get access to our free psychometric tests and to get a sense of what our expertly designed psychometric test preparation has to offer. Practice a number of styles of free psychometric tests. Our 3 in 1 preparation course offers the ultimate practice for a large variety of psychometric tests. But that’s not all you also get 2 other preparation courses! Find out more below.

Our full online course

Get the full online online course to get access to the most comprehensive psychometric practice tests in the market. Employers use psychometric tests to screen candidates and to help decide on the best candidate for the role. Your performance in these tests will determine your success.  Practice and preparation are thus ESSENTIAL to give yourself the best chance at beating the competition.

We have over 30 years of psychometric test preparation experience and our qualifications and expertise are second to none. We have helped tens of thousands of candidates succeed at their aptitude tests over the years and use the best e-learning tools to design the best and most relevant practice tests. We have used our vast experience and skills to design the ultimate aptitude tests preparation course.

Our psychometric test course includes:

• All the test styles you need: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Job Simulation, Personality Questionnaire etc.
• Video tutorials & Lessons
• Full practice tests (timed and un-timed)
• Fully worked solutions and feedback
• Interactive and engaging practice tests
• Hours of practice
• 1000’s of questions

3 Courses in 1

We recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. It involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview.

Therefore, we have created a unique course that offers three courses in one. Our course is a one stop expertly designed preparation course which includes everything you will need to maximise your performance at each stage of your job application and succeed at securing your position.

Our course includes not only psychometric test practice but also two further courses for CV and interview preparation.

Your course will also include:

CV preparation

• C.V. writing tips
• Personal statement
• What to avoid
• Sample C.V. Templates

Interview Preparation

• Identifying the Competencies Required for the Role
• Generating Ideas for Scenarios/Stories
• Writing your Scenarios
• Attention to Keywords
• Behavioural Indicators Resulting in High Ratings
• Creating an Interview Plan

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply enroll in our preparation package and start practicing online straight away. 100% online tuition featuring three courses in one!

You get all three courses for an incredible £40.00!

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