Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning involves identifying patterns in a series of shapes or symbols. Non-verbal reasoning tests measure a candidates ability to understand and interpret visual information and solve problems by identifying relationships or similarities and differences between shapes and patterns as well as recognizing visual sequences and relationships between objects. Non-verbal reasoning covers a wide variety of psychometric ability tests such as logical, inductive, abstract, diagrammatic and spatial reasoning tests.  

Non-Verbal Reasoning type questions may include:

• Determining changes in a particular pattern in order to find ‘the next in sequence’
• Identifying which shape is the odd one out;
• Determining how a shape will look if it is rotated by a certain degree
• Finding two identical shapes in a series
• Working out how a shape will look if it is folded or altered
• Identifying the mirror image of a shape;

The majority of non-verbal questions will have 3-5 shapes from which you must choose your answer.


Multiple Choice

3-5 shapes

Strict Time Limits

Non- Verbal tests are usually timed tests. Candidates are generally not expected to be able to complete all the questions in the time limit so don’t panic if you don’t get all the questions answered. The important thing is to work quickly, but also accurately.

Tips for taking Non- Verbal Reasoning Tests

Manage your time

Your aim should be to work as quickly and as accurately as you can. Avoid spending too long on any one question or revisiting questions where possible. To maximise your score you should keep moving forward as much as possible while focussing on the accuracy of the questions one at a time. 

Practice, practice, practice

If you struggle with visualising shapes and objects these kinds of tests may particularly tricky.  Practice and preparation are key, the more you practice these kinds of tests the confident and comfortable you will become. Practice is what separates successful candidates from unsuccessful ones. Getting familiar with the types of question you’ll face and the different layouts takes time. Practising these types of tests not only increases your confidence but it lowers stress and anxiety levels. Like anything the more you practise the more you improve. This way you can ensure that you perform at your best and maximise your performance and scores.

How our course can help:

For non-verbal reasoning tests you will have to be comfortable in identifying some of the frequently occurring patterns. They include:

• Clock movement
• Sequences
• Linear movement
• Addition and subtraction of elements

These patterns (which are common to all non-verbal reasoning tests) will be covered in our course.   

Our practice tests are also timed so you can work on your timing and time management with practical application. There is no substitute for preparation and familiarisation. You can only hope to improve and perform to the best of your abilities by practicing with these kinds of tests and by applying practical and proven methods to non-verbal reasoning tests.

Our course includes:

• All the psychometric test styles you need: Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests, Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests, SHL Practice Tests, Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests, Job Simulation, Personality Questionnaire and more!
• Video tutorials & Lessons
• Full practice tests (timed and un-timed)
• Fully worked solutions and feedback
• Interactive and engaging practice tests
• Hours of practice
• 1000’s of questions

But that’s not all!

We recognise that there is more to a job application process than just one element. It involves a number of stages, from your CV to psychometric tests to your interview.

Therefore, we have created a unique one of a kind course that offers three courses in one to cater to your entire job journey!

Our course includes not only aptitude test practice but also two further courses for CV and interview preparation. With our course you are ready to prepare regardless of what stage of the process you are at.

Your course will include psychometric test preparation as outlined but also:

CV preparation

• C.V. writing tips
• Personal statement
• What to avoid
• Sample C.V. Template

Interview Preparation

• Competency based interviews
• Identifying Competencies
• Preparing examples
• Competency based interview questions
• Interview plan

You get all three courses for an incredible £40.00!

Still unsure? Take our Free Trial!

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