Verbal Reasoning Test

What is a Verbal Reasoning Test?

Verbal Reasoning tests are one of the most common types of aptitude tests. Verbal Reasoning tests are aimed at measuring a candidate’s ability to comprehend verbal information, descriptions or arguments in order to understand their meaning and draw conclusions.​

Format of Verbal Tests

The most common format of a verbal reasoning tests involves reading a passage and then determining whether a statement following the passage is True, False, or Cannot Say based on the information in the passage.

True, False, Cannot say

Verbal tests are usually timed tests. Candidates are generally not expected to be able to complete all the questions in the time limit so don’t panic if you don’t get all the questions answered. The important thing is to work quickly, but also accurately.

Tips for taking Verbal Reasoning Tests

Manage your time

Your aim should be to work as quickly and as accurately as you can. Avoid spending too long on any one question or revisiting questions where possible. To maximise your score you should keep moving forward as much as possible while focusing on the accuracy of the questions one at a time. 

Read passages carefully

Reading the passage carefully is important. It is a good idea to think about your approach when attempting verbal tests in regards to reading the text. Some people may start by reading the passage first and then the question or statement that follows it. Others may find it suits them better to start by reading the question. Your approach will be a matter of preference but there are steps that can be taken when attempting these kinds of tests.

Double check

It is always worthwhile taking a few seconds to ensure you re-read the question after answering it to ensure you have read it properly and answered what has been asked.

Practice, practice, practice

This is what separates successful candidates from unsuccessful ones. Getting familiar with the types of question you’ll face and the different layouts takes time. Practising these types of tests not only increases your confidence but it lowers stress and anxiety levels. Like anything the more you practise the more you improve. This way you can ensure that you perform at your best and maximise your performance and scores.


Many people attempt these kinds of verbal tests without any practice or preparation.  They ‘just do it’. They unaware of the various steps that you can undertake when attempting these test questions.

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